Hot Stamping Lnk

Hot stamp inks are formulated based on polyacrylic resins for duplex printing on foil, Bopp, Opp, and all types of polyester with excellent reversibility and separation properties, high heat resistance, and awesome hot stamping capability. These inks with a particle size of <4 microns are dispersed using modern devices. Excellent halftoning, no halftone filling of design cylinders, transparency, and high coverage and color intensity are the characteristics of these inks.

Specific properties:

  1. High thermal resistance (180-190 °C)
  2. Excellent gloss
  3. Excellent ink transfer on printing cylinders
  4. High wear resistance


This product is flammable; be careful in its storage.

Keep away from heat sources and direct sunlight in strong tightly-sealed gallons.

Ensure proper ventilation while using.

Exp date: Best before 6-9 months from manufacture.

How to use:

Mix thoroughly after opening the lid

Adjust the viscosity by mixing with suitable solvents proposed by the manufacturer.

Check the viscosity while printing.

Do not leave the lid open after the end of use.


20 kg containers


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