With the acceptance of the god, The Azaran Douman Sahand Company has been  established in 2010 to produce and make the raw materials of chemical and cellulose manufacturers and it's main goal is to produce the raw materials of the PVC and PVC related producers. and so far with maintaining the idea of  "Costumer comes first" we have been able to come so far in our short period of operation. With its innovative focused  activities we have been able to manufacture and produce the needs of the raw material to the country and other nations and fulfill their needs. Also with providing engineering services and  providing advises to our costumers we have been able to make up to our fundamental goal and providing high quality raw materials to make machinery and devices for producers. we believe that we have to back our products just after the selling process has ended, so we regularly get in contact with our costumers to get feedback and their ideas on our products and to provide technical assistance.